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Benefits of Investing in a Net Lease Property over Traditional Investments like Bonds

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If you’re an investor, among the most pressing issues you’ll face is determining what constitutes an excellent investment and how to maximize your profits on such investments. Many individuals have posed this question, and there are various possible responses. Although, there is a new investment option that is fast gaining favor nowadays. These are Net lease property investments. Let’s explore what are these and how they are more profitable in the long term. It is because investment is a sensitive matter and cannot be taken for-granted.

Net Lease Investment

An investment option where buyers buy properties from sellers who consents to bear the costs associated with the property for a specified duration of time. It’s critical to comprehend who will bear the property’s expenses when contemplating net lease property investments. It’s critical to know who will be accountable for all of these expenses because they might have a significant influence on your profits.

A triple net lease is a leasing contract in which the lessee, has concern and accountability for all expenditures incurred on the leased asset in addition to the settled rent. The rent in triple net lease properties is often less than the market rate for comparable assets. Taxations, maintenance, upkeep, and building insurance are all borne by the lessee.

You can locate nnn properties for sale, and you can include them in your assets portfolio for the advantage of expansion. As a real estate investment, a NNN is a solid income source, and the investor makes money monthly for the life of the lease.


There are various elements to ponder when evaluating these investments. The 1st is the location, which is crucial. Make sure there is a request for the place you decided, then look for a triple net lease for sale that meets your investment requirements.

Look for a property that is in good form, as a strong structure with well-kept grounds. Examine the surrounding amenities to see if it will be easy to attract renters who are willing to sign the triple net lease.

The next important factor to consider is a tenant. Whether it’s the business or private lessee, choose wisely. Eventually, you must choose a leasing structure. To take a start, look for triple net properties for sale, follow the guidelines, and think about the magnitude of the nnn investment you want to make.

Different kinds of Net Lease Investments

When it comes to buying commercial real estate, there are numerous aspects to ponder. Each property type offers a distinct investment potential. Commercial leases, on the other hand, are divided into three categories:

1.   Net lease

  • The landlord pays taxes, insurance and upkeep costs while the tenant bears the rest of the expenses.

2.   Double net lease

  • Same as net lease, but the lessee pays upkeep expenses on the HVAC system

3.   Triple net lease

  • Same as double net lease, but the lessee bear property tax costs as well.
  • The best form of investment

Why Net Lease Investments should be prioritized over Bonds?

Here are the advantages that you should consider that why net lease property investment is better than traditional options.

  • Safe Assets: To begin with, net lease assets are thought to be more secure than traditional real estate assets. It is because, unlike multifamily or retail assets, cash flow is significantly more measurable. Furthermore, because the renter is liable for all operational costs, they have a vested interest in the property’s upkeep.
  • Increasing Profits: When compared to the ten-year Treasury bond, net lease earnings are greater. In reality, as most net leases have terms that allow for rent increments that are normally connected to inflation, returns have been consistently climbing over the last years.
  • Reduced Volatility: The rents are often locked in for long time durations and are not liable to ordinary stock market or interest rate swings, so net lease investments have lower volatility than bonds.
  • More Credible: When compared to alternative investment opportunities, the potential of organizations that commonly occupy nnn lease facilities indicates that there is an increased level of creditworthiness overall. This also means that there will be fewer possible vacancies.
  • Measurable Cash Flow: You may expect a reliable cash flow from most net lease property investments over the long term. This makes it simple to keep track of and plan for your assets.
  • Source of Passive Income: A passive income source that you do not need to directly manage your money, unlike bonds. You collect rent checks from your lessees and ensure that the property is kept in good condition. Net lease properties can be handled from anywhere in the world because the property manager addresses the majority of the day-to-day operations.
  • Inflation Protection: Net lease real estate is a fantastic approach to defend yourself against inflation because properties value over time. Even if inflation rises by five percent, you’ll still be collecting five percent more than before.

Why traditional assets like bonds are bygone?

The advantages of making investments in a net lease property differ significantly from those of traditional assets such as bonds. Net lease properties, on the other hand, provide a long-term, steady income stream that is often more than most fixed-income assets.

Bonds are not always as risk-free as many people believe, especially during periods of high inflation. For instance, if inflation rises by two percent in the 1st year and then by another three months in the 2nd, your bond will have lost five percent of its purchasing power in those 24 months. Although, with a net lease property investment, you can typically raise your rent faster than inflation, preserving your purchasing power.

Take Away!

Bonds have traditionally been regarded as a secure investment, but net lease property has now surpassed traditional assets such as bonds. It’s worth having a discussion about buying a net lease property as an investment. It is the more acceptable long-term investment option over traditional options like bonds. Grab the opportunity if you are finding any before time run out.

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