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Get Exciting Discounts on These Water Purifiers this Festive Season

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Water Purifiers

Purchasing a water purifier may seem easy, but it is a complicated endeavour. While you cannot do without the services of a water purifier, given the ever-increasing water pollution, buying it can get tricky. With varying terrain and soil characteristics, the water quality also changes. Before venturing out to bring home a reliable water purifier, assessing the water quality becomes a prerequisite. 

The TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) of the water needs to be assessed thoroughly. Besides the geographical region, the TDS also depends on the source of drinking water. Groundwater tends to have a high percentage of TDS when compared to the one supplied by the local governing body. After comprehending the various parameters and an in-depth assessment, you can zero on the filtration technology. Once that is done, you can then move on to the capacity of the water purifier and the brand. 

Based on the size of your family, you can opt for a versatile model from a reliable name. The Bajaj Mall has numerous options in place–LG, Pureit, Livpure, Aquaguard water purifiers, and so on. You can smoothly navigate through the website and opt for a product that fits in well with your requirements. 

While adding a water purifier to your home is a must, you should choose the upcoming festive season to purchase one. Exciting festive offers will be up for grabs on the Bajaj Mall. A mega Diwali sale will soon follow the Big Navratri Savings to keep you content as a customer. Never-before-seen discounts, cashback vouchers etc. will allow you to save during the festive period and enhance your reasons for rejoicing. We present you with some of our top recommendations along with the offers accessible on them. 


Cuckoo DewPond Alkaline 7.5 L RO + UV Water Purifier with Alkaline Water (CP-RRP702MBK, Black and White): 

Besides purifying water to the core, Cuckoo water purifiers are also renowned for their unique designs. This 7.5L model is tailor-made for a family of three to five members. Reverse Osmosis (RO), Ultrafiltration (UF) and Ultra Violet (UV) technologies combine to purge the water of hazardous chemicals and harmful microbes. The most striking quality of this model is the alkaline water technology. 

It neutralises the lethal acids polluting the water, maintaining its pH levels. Moreover, it adds vital nutrients to the drinking water, leading to improved health conditions for the users. EMI on this model commences from 4,499 INR per month (for six months). A flat 30% cashback voucher is available on it, leading to increased savings. 

Aquaguard 5 Liter Storage Water Purifier Black (Royale RO+UV+MTDS-SS): 

A customer living alone or a couple can take home this Aquaguard water purifier at just about 20,808 INR, on account of a 15% discount on it. While RO takes care of the increased TDS levels (above 400 ppm), the MTDS regulates the same. The MTDS facility furnishes the water with some essential salts, which are required in a balanced diet. EMI on this product starts from 1,734/ month (for twelve months). Once you settle the first three instalments, a 2,000 INR cashback voucher is there for the taking. 

LG 8 L Water Purifier Black (WW140NP):  

If the TDS level in your area crosses the safety threshold, this LG RO water purifier will give you access to germ-free clean water. The capacity of 8L is a must for a family of five individuals. You can purchase this product at 16,439 INR, saving 3,051 INR in the process due to a 16% discount on its price. If you tread the EMI route, you will have to pay 1,644 INR per month (for ten months). Once you pay the instalments for the first three months, you can get 1,000 INR as cashback.

Such offers do not come easily

Diwali is one auspicious occasion when people go on a shopping spree. While curating your shopping list this year, do not forget to include a water purifier. Upgrading to a futuristic model is a necessity to keep pace with the changing quality of drinking water. Without proper attention to hygiene standards, you cannot keep water-borne diseases at bay. 

Whether you prefer Cuckoo water purifiers or any other top-notch brand, the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store must be your go-to shopping destination. The days of the festive sale on the website are the ones when you can shop freely without any constraint as you get to save a substantial amount.

The EMI facility is the hallmark of the Bajaj Mall, which compartmentalizes the bill into small sections payable monthly. The festive period also brings in cashback vouchers on EMI clearance (on some handpicked products). 

You can maximize the benefits of the EMI facility by using the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card. It paves the ground for availing of No Cost EMI i.e. an EMI facility devoid of any interest. The zero down payment feature is another of the benefits, though it is available on select models only.

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