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6 Wedding Flower Mistakes To Avoid

by hasnainalam
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Searching for the right flower combination on Pinterest is a fun thing to do, but if you’re looking to make your big day a blooming success, you’ll need a florist to get everything right. Choosing your wedding flowers might sound like a simple process, but there are certain pitfalls you must keep in mind.

Here we have listed some top tips for you to save yourself from that floral faux pas.

Not Being Clear

Getting in touch with a florist is very important to ensure your wedding day is a day to remember for years. However, the florist can only meet your requirements if you are completely open and honest with them. You must communicate your vision, let them know about the colour combinations you love the most. Most importantly, you should be very clear on your budget from the outset. This is how your florist will be able to achieve the look you desire.

Ordering The Flowers Too Late

Ordering flowers online has made things easy. You’ll come across great varieties at all times of the year. However, certain flowers still need to be imported from abroad if you want them out of season. It is highly important that you place your order at least 6 weeks before your wedding day. It provides your florist with enough time to procure the flowers and get them ready for the day. Moreover, if you prefer to have exclusively British grown flowers only, make sure you don’t put all your eggs in the same basket. Homegrown blooms can be seriously affected by unseasonably cold or hot temperatures.

Doubting Your Florist

Most brides are obsessed with replicating a bouquet or flower arrangement they had recently seen in a movie or somewhere on the internet. They expect their florist to make the exact same thing, which sometimes becomes a near to impossible feat to achieve for the florist. You need to know that a florist can do better if you ask them for an overall look, colour combination, feel, and trust them to bring their vision to life. All good florist will be highly invested in your wedding.  

Not Reusing Arrangements

A great way to make your money go further is to reuse the ceremony arrangements at the reception venue. Ceremonies usually do not last for more than an hour. Wasting all those beautiful flowers is a sheer waste of money and efforts of the florist. You can quite easily incorporate them into the reception décor.

Not Compromising

There’s nothing wrong with having a concept in your mind. This vision you bring can also make it easy for the florist to meet your expectations at the end. That being said, you must always be open to new ideas and a few tweaks in your concept. Your florist will be able to satisfy you only if you’re willing to compromise a little. If you choose to be close-minded about the colour palettes and flower combination, you’ll only end up limiting the creative direction of your wedding day.

Choosing Only One Colour

While buying flowers online, most brides want flowers to be of the exact same colour as their wedding dress. This is a concept you need to grow out of. Take the example of a bridesmaid in a beautiful lavender gown carrying lavender flowers. You won’t see any contrast and creativity. Know that flowers are a great place to select an accent colour.

Avoiding these mistakes can help you achieve everything you have always desired for your biggest day. Your wedding is arguably one of the most significant days of your life, which is why you shouldn’t compromise on anything. Get in touch with Jardin Des Roses to get the best flower delivery in the UK.

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