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Affordable Cost for Company Registration in Dubai

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The fast-growing trend of low-cost business setup in Dubai is creating great opportunities for entrepreneurs or foreign investors to start their company at affordable prices. Some guidelines can help you for completing your company registration in Dubai at an acceptable price.

Company Registration in Dubai at a reasonable cost

The Dubai company registration process has some requirements which demand some payments for getting a legal permit or attesting your documents. Here are those mandatory steps which can be resolved at a moderate price.

  • Choosing a company name

The company registration in Dubai first phase is the trademark process. The company logo, unique name, and fee to submit for getting approval from the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) are compulsory steps for selecting a legal name. The business consultancy agencies in Dubai are available for freshers to help them find a cost-effective company name. They have the best resources and knowledge to get you the ideal company name at a low cost.

  • Creating business plan

The company registration in Dubai requires your credentials and business model which includes MOA (Memorandum of Association) and a legally signed paper of deal with your local sponsors. The local sponsors own 51% of your company shares and there is a fee to be paid for helping you in government approvals. The business consultants’ team can give you a complete business plan which you can submit to DED. The meeting with local sponsors can also be arranged by business advisors to get you an economical deal.

  • Get a license at an affordable price

The three major license types are commercial, professional, and Industrial. If you are planning to complete the company registration in Dubai at a low price then a professional license is the best option. The cost for a professional license is comparatively low if your business is not linked with any sort of trading or manufacturing products. The professional license suits best for any foreign entrepreneurs or foreign investors who are looking to start their business at a cheap price. The process of applying for a professional license is slightly easy compared to a commercial or industrial license.

All you need to submit your:

  • Company’s office documents.
  • Owner and business partners’ Emirates Identity cards.
  • Photocopies of your passport.
  • Colored passport-size photos.
  •  Attested initial approval application before submitting all documents online.

After a professional business license, the second-best option for a low-cost permit is a general trading license. The general trading license can be acquired if you are planning to start a small-scale grocery store for trading food products or a stationery store on a limited budget.

Cost-Effective Free Zone Company Registration in Dubai

The biggest perk for affordable company registration in Dubai is getting the land Free Zone area. The mainland has some great benefits for entrepreneurs but Free Zone’s full 100% ownership rule creates a great value for cost-effective Dubai company registration. In a free zone district, the main advantage for you is the elimination of value-added tax (VAT) and the easy procedure of finding any Flexi desk or warehouse.

The business consultancy agencies have great inside details about favorable free zone areas which include DMCC (Dubai Multi commodity Centre) for your affordable startup. If you choose the best consultants then they might deliver you a reasonable package for Dubai company registration.

Hiring Business Consultants for Company Registration in Dubai

The company registration Dubai is a costly phase for those who are unaware of all business activities in Mainland or Free Zone. The hiring of Business consultants can ease your process which involves all the primary or secondary steps that requires cost-effective decisions. If you want to complete all essential Dubai company registration stages then business consultants are a suitable option for you.

They can cut prices by attesting paperwork and sending documents to the Dubai government. Opening corporate bank accounts and getting a reasonable price office for rent can help you to do company registration Dubai at a reasonable cost.

How KWSME can help for cheapest Company Registration Dubai

KWSME is a business consultancy firm in Dubai which offers highest-level services to their clients. The company registration in Dubai can happen only in AED 18000.

In this cost-effective package, the KWSME team can assist you:

  • Completing your business activities.
  • Finding local sponsors in Mainland and best Free Zone land for a startup.
  • KWSME team can get you a quick attested license from Dubai Chamber and DED.
  • Name approval and formation of MOA.
  • Translation of your documents with no extra charges.
  • Fast VISA processing with an economical offer for your family and business partners.
  • Creating an authentic bank account for your business transactions.
  • Finding cheap office room for rent or affordable warehouse in Free zone.

Simply visit to know more about business setup details that can help you to find the best ways to complete your company registration Dubai.

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