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Average price range to buy a good diamond bracelet in London

by Richard William
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Diamonds are forever; they were in the past, are in the present and will be in the future too. The glory of its shine leaves an everlasting sparkle, which has made it the choice of many. This magnificent gemstone demands bulk investments, which cannot be ignored and due to this, many refrained from buying it. Now that many brands are providing, options for their customers to customize letting them plan for it reluctantly.

The lab-grown diamonds have become a boon for the customers who were not able to afford diamonds; can easily opt for it now due to their affordable price as compared to natural ones. Now that the purchase of diamond jewellery is no more limited to a finger ring as an engagement gift, it has extended the scope and is now been used in many other forms and for different occasions.

The present preference of people for diamond accessories has tilted towards diamond bracelets and this can be widely seen as a trend in London. If you are also into the thought of buying one but trying to explore what can suit your budget, then this information might direct you to the way how to plan for a good diamond bracelet in London. Hatton Garden London-based store provides a wide variety of stunning designs of diamond bracelets in an affordable range.

Diamond tennis bracelets use multiple diamonds ranging from 1carat to 11 carats. So the average cost of these diamond bracelets usually ranges from $1,000 to $100,000 based on their grades.Grading is done based on carat, weight, cut, colour and clarity.

CARAT -Higher carat weight diamonds are more expensive than accent diamonds.Poorly cut diamonds with lower grade colour and clarity is of lower value than small diamond, with higher colour, clarity, cut and grades. Tennis diamond bracelets mostly weigh between 2 and 10 carats.

CUT- A diamond’s price is decided based on its cut. A cut of a diamond ranges from poorly cut-well cut diamond based upon which the grading is done. A diamond with a perfect cut looks brilliant due to its magnificent sparkle, whereas a poor cut diamond makes it look dull and lacks the look of an original diamond. Based upon the cut of a diamond the price increases means from poor cut to best cut the price will be at the lower end and gradually increases as the cut is finer and better.

CLARITY- Flawless diamonds are considered to have a higher value than the ones having some blemishes or inclusions. The diamonds without any inclusions have better clarity and have better sparkle than the ones containing them.  For example -the diamond tennis bracelet Hatton garden is graded based on clarity that ranges from VS1-VS2 and the best value diamond tennis bracelets are graded as S11-S12.

In London, Hatton Garden offers the best price for its diamond pieces of jewellery may it be Wedding rings Hatton garden or tennis bracelets, it provides the opportunity to its buyers by guiding them the way they need to customize their piece of jewellery by giving clear information about the factors that can influence the price of the diamond jewellery.

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