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Compression Stockings Apply Gentle Pressure to Your Legs

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The advancement in the medical industry has created many amazing products for the betterment of our health. For lower limbs, there are stockings and socks which help to improve blood circulation. These specific Compression Stockings can also help to treat DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) and PE (Pulmonary Embolism).

The applications of compression garments are in abundance and one of them is that it can assist you to recover from foot and healing injuries. To understand how compression footgear works and how the gentle pressure they exert on your legs can enhance your body functions; first, you need to know what they do? 

What are Compression Stockings:

The compression stockings are also known as footwear or nylons which apply gentle pressure to your legs, ankles, and toes to reduce swelling and discomfort. The medical foot gear comes in various shapes and sizes but the most trending is stockings or socks. Remember that these garments are slightly different from regular stockings and socks because regular footwear does not apply gentle pressure to your legs. These stockings promote the healthy movement of blood in your cardiovascular system and block the accumulation of waste materials in your bone marrow.

The compression hose is mostly recommended by expert physicians and podiatrists to those people who are suffering from lower limb injuries or inflammations. The next question is who can try out these medical stockings and what are the reasons that persuade them to use them.

Who should wear Compression Stockings?

The Compression Stockings for DVT are designed for those patients who are healing from surgery to people who do a heavy workout which includes running, hiking, and weight lifting. The most important segment that must use compression garments is those people who are facing edema (leg swelling), varicose veins, primary DVT, or Lymphedema symptoms.

Other than this mentioned section of users there is another category of people who can utilize the use of compression garments, which are:

  • Women who are in the first phases of pregnancy.
  • Nurses who keep standing for a long duration.
  • Aged people with swollen feet due to immobility.
  • Office workers who cannot stretch their lower limbs for a long period.
  • Athletes with a stress fracture in the foot or ankle.
  • Those who are recently suffering from phlebitis (inflammation of arteries and veins).

How Compression Stockings Apply Pressure:

The main fear which majority of the people face is avoiding these compression garments because they can damage their nerve tissues. They should not be worried about the pressure issue because the best compression socks and stockings come with a specific stress range.

The best compression footwear for swelling works by exerting rhythmic mild pressure to your calf, ankles, and foot. These stockings apply pressure on the lower part of your foot and ankle then start losing pressure level as it goes upwards towards your knees. To find out which precise pressure the stockings you purchased apply on your legs, to figure that reding there are certain levels in mmHg (measured in millimeters) that can help you in several cases.

There are four types of pressure ranges of these stockings for swelling:

Light (8-15mmHg):

This compression range is recommended for those who want to:

  • Heal minor swelling in their ankle and foot.
  • Best socks in this range for traveling.
  • Helps patients who have DVT/PE.
  • Used for minor pain in the knees or calf tissues.

Mild (15-20 mmHg):

This range is generally common in all the compression socks and stockings available online or in medical stores.

  • Used for severe pain in calf and ankles during pregnancy.
  • Used for post-surgical and spider veins therapy.
  • Prevent fatigued legs for a long duration.
  • Helps to maintain your lower limbs healthy.

Medium (20-30mmHg):

This range is only available for the finest compression footwear that can resolve your swelling issues within days.

The stockings with this compression range can:

  • Helps to prevent moderate inflammation.
  • Reduce blood clotting in deep parts of your vein.
  • Helps to heal aching legs.
  • Reduces ankle soreness.
  • Decreases the color changing of your skin.

Firm (30-40mmHg):

­The best compression range for those people who are:

  • Suffering from post DVT/PE.
  • Post Lymphedema and orthostatic.
  • Suffering from severe ankle injuries.
  • Traveling for long distances in planes.
  • Hiking or running with a hectic workout routine.

The pressure range is extremely important for better results and you need to consult your health expert to get the best information about which exact compression footwear you should purchase for your lower limbs issues.

Benefits of Using Compression Stockings:

The compression footwear which applies gentle pressure to your legs can help you in many ways such as:

  • Fast and better circulation of blood in the vessels.
  • Reduces bumps and rashes on your lower limb’s skin.
  • Prevent further injuries by increasing recovery and healing process.
  • Eliminates any sign of DVT/PE/Lymphedema.
  • Forms a cushion below your foot heel.
  • Creates a padding layer around your swollen ankle.
  • The breathable stockings keep you calm and active.
  • Decreases dizziness and nausea after healthy circulation.
  • Decreases irritation with anti-moist material and lessens skin redness.

Things to Observe before buying Compression Footgear:

The compression products must be in proper shape and size to wear. Before buying them, you need to keep some important things in minds which are:

  • Compression socks and stockings must not be too tight or they can damage your hairline bones.
  • Do not use these stockings when you have recently experienced heart failure, open wounds, and cancer.
  • Compression footgear pressure range must be between 15 to 40 mmHg. If the pressure increases above this limit it can cause serious damage to your veins or ligaments.

The Best Compression Stockings for Women and Men:

Are you looking for trusted medical footwear which can reduce your swelling and irritation problems on your legs? Then Medshoola compression stockings for women and men are the best option to permanently end these issues. The Medshoola compression gear includes stockings, socks, sleeves, and pumps which are recommended by the best doctors in the U.S for your lower limbs’ treatment.

Medshoola compression products are made with nylon and spandex to give a firm grip with a 30-40 mmHg pressure level. They come in black and white color with a small, medium, and large sizes available for both men and women. Just visit for getting exclusive sale deals at affordable prices and use these stockings to boost up your immune system.

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