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Extraordinary Valentines Day Gifts for Your Special One

by Richard William
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Valentine’s day is the day to express your love to your partner. This season has a different vibe and can make one fall in love. Gifting is a way to let the recipient feel that you care for them and want to make them feel special. With overwhelming options available in the market it is difficult to find that one particular extraordinary gift. 

If you are looking for a valentine’s day gift for your special one then this article is for you. Here we have listed a few extraordinary gift items which will help you in impressing your special one. 

A video message-

Every time you don’t have to rush or look for materialistic gifts. Sometimes a heart-touching message is enough to move that person. In this technologically freak world, we have lots of ways in which we can express our love to our special one. But video messages have a different effect. If you are running out of time or you are staying somewhere abroad then you can send a heart touching video message to your special one. You can record and edit it with background music and some effects through various video editing apps. You can send this message first thing in the morning. It will for sure bring a smile to their face. 


Perfumes are one of the most preferred gifts, especially during valentine’s week. It reminds the recipient of the sender whenever they would apply it. These days a variety of options available in perfumes even the imported ones are also available. You can easily get them in online stores. Both men and women perfumes are available with a varied range of fragrances.


Flowers can be another best gift for your special one. I agree that it is a bit cliche but nothing can be more versatile and touchy than a flower. Gifting flowers to loved ones has been prevailing for ages and it is still working. Flowers are the most beautiful and eco-friendly gift that has the power to uplift the mood instantly. You can get a variety of options in flowers these days. You can get exotic flowers, conventional flowers and wildflowers as well. You can choose according to the preferences of your partner. You can even send flowers online to your special one if they are living far away via online delivery services. 

Cake and cookies-

If your partner has a sweet tooth then what’s the best way to make them feel special than by giving them cake and cookies? You can order cake and cookies from online bakeries and send them to your partner directly or if you want to make it more special for them then you can try making them yourself. Homemade cake and cookies have very different tastes. Your efforts in baking cakes and cookies for your special one will make them fall in love with you all over again. You can accompany Valentine’s day flowers along with the cake. 

A romantic novel-

If you think flowers, chocolates and perfumes are overrated and you want something that lasts forever then I would recommend you to get a romantic novel for your partner. There are lots of romantic fictional novels available in the market for you to choose from. You can write a small note on the front page of the novel and then give it to your special one. This book will remind them of you whenever they read or see it. You can also order books online. 

A love hamper-

Hamper in itself is a big word and can be exciting to receive. These days a lot of variety in hampers are available ranging from cake to chocolate, flowers to candles and perfumes. You can get them easily both in stores and on online websites. You can make a hamper for your partner with little creativity by combining some of their favourite knick-knacks. You can pack them all together in an aesthetic package and send them to your special one. 

So these were all the gift options that we have listed for you to choose from. I am sure you have got some inspiration and now you are sorted in terms of what to give to your special one.  

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