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6 Variety of Top Most Loved Flowers For Wedding Celebrations

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Wedding Flowers

Weddings are not complete fun unless there is a flower bouquet in the bride’s hands. Do you feel the same?

If yes, then you belong to our tribe. There is no doubt that you can think of a wedding celebration without flowers. Not even in the wildest of our dreams, we will ever think of that. Do you know why?


John Lennon said this on-point! How can you miss having these colorful tiny blossoms on the most special day of your life? Weddings are a day when love blooms, and missing these flowers on this day is a bit unfair! Hence, we have got you seven reasons which can spruce up your big day.

Also, note that these are not just barred till here. Rather, you can use the following even when making flower delivery in Delhi for your dear one!

Calla Lilies to Speak the Love       

This exquisite, horn-shaped blossom is also known as the arum lily. It originates in Africa and represents “splendid beauty” in flower lingo. The unusual shape of the calla lily has indeed been represented in art deco and classic works, as well as 21st-century photos.

Two sorts of flowers are easily available – one is the large-headed variant with a lengthy and smooth stem that is appropriate for tall bouquet arrangements and a tiny form that is good for compact arrangements and vase decors.

The most common hue you will come across in Calla lilies is creamy ivory, though they are also found in orange, yellow, mauve-pink, and dark purple color.

Hydrangeas to Spread the Good Vibes

The vibrant glares of blue, pink, purple, and burgundy, along with its bushy head, is what a hydrangea looks like. Based on the acidity of the soil, the most famous hydrangeas change its color from bubble-gum pink to light blue as it matures. A stem or three of this low-cost, sweet-smelling shrub flower started filling up arrangements and centerpieces, and a few stems make a lovely boutonniere.

Peonies to Add Richness

When we say rich, we mean it! This is, without a doubt, the most sought of all floral wedding arrangements. Everybody adores and desires them, but they are among the most costly flowers. So, if you want to have peonies but don’t have a large budget, consider merely using them in your bouquet.

Ranunculus to Enhance the Beauty

You’ve undoubtedly seen these tiny fellows in most of the floral arrangements you’ve posted to your floral Pinterest board. They are often used as supporting characters rather than as the show’s main attraction. Ruffled blossoms and wiggling stems are ideal for adding movement and craziness to your bouquet or centerpiece.

Stephanotis to Add Fineness

Stephanotis implies happiness in marriage, as per the locals of the place where this flower is found. A bouquet of stephanotis blooms is the most classic bouquets a bride could carry, and a boutonniere of these flowers is a very common option for a formal wedding. It’s softly perfumed, available all year, and reasonably affordable.

Gardenia to Infiltrate Scented Aroma

The magnificent gardenia radiates a powerful, seductive aroma while surrounded by dark green, waxy foliage. This enticing scent once upon a time charmed an English sea captain passing through South Africa. He got so fascinated with them that he brought home one of the local plants as a keepsake. Imagine what your guests are going to take from your wedding?

Tuck the gardenias in a bouquet and add some of these to the center of each dinner table. Let every person at your wedding enjoy its unforgettable and divine scent. Also, using them as a hair accessory has been quite a talk amongst fashion enthusiasts. Why don’t you give it a try too?

Roses to Add Cherry to Cake

Roses have traditionally been recognized as a sign of beauty and love, and they appear in several mythology and folklore tales. Romance poets and writers have used the flower as an epitome for feeling, attractiveness, passion, and real love.

The rose is the 5-star flower in terms of marriages, and it is much more far from being dull. Always add this to your wedding decoration and also as a bouquet for the bride.

Make your wedding special now with the help of amazing bouquets from the online stores that provide flower delivery in Gurgaon. It will be the best ever surprise for your partner and guests (to some extent).

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