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Here’s How Mustard Oil And Salt Help Keep Your Teeth Clean!

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Your teeth are a very special part of your mouth and so you need to take care of these by putting much effort. So much usage of your teeth and your age are the 2 main factors which are responsible for the wearing out of your tooth enamel. If you want healthy and white teeth then you have to eat healthy food and along with this it is also necessary that every day at least 2 times you brush your teeth. For maintaining oral hygiene, using those solutions that are home based will be a good idea, especially when your regular toothpaste can’t provide you so much help. A mixture of mustard oil and salt is a home remedy that has been tested by so many people. The problems in the teeth occur because of a number of reasons:

  • Not going to the dentist for regular check-ups.
  • Not cleaning the teeth regularly.
  • Eating those foods in a more quantity that are made after processing or that are sugary.
  • Consuming tobacco in excess.
  • Maintaining an oral hygiene that is poor.
  • Drinking water that is hard.

If you say that your oral health is poor then this will definitely be because of any of the above-mentioned reasons.

How will you define salt?

Chlorine (Cl) and sodium (Na) are the 2 elements whose combination is a crystalline mineral known as salt. Sending electrical impulses becomes possible for your brain and nerves because of these two elements. So, we can say that in your body a critical role is played by these two elements. When seawater evaporates then the salt is left behind. By harvesting it, we get the salt that can be used at the time of preparing our food. It gives a flavor to the food. It prevents the growth of bacteria, so we can use it as a preservative of food. However, your blood pressure can increase if you consume too much salt. So, always consume it in a limited amount only. It has been found that a 1 to 5.4 mm/Hg reduction in the blood pressure occurs if you will lower down the intake of salt. The food that is prepared after processing in the western countries gets sodium in considerable amount. Salt is not necessarily needed in whole foods or processed foods.

Mustard oil has some nutritional contents present in it

Basically, in Europe the origin of the mustard plant has occurred. As compared to the mustard condiment, much more power is present in its oil. We need to grind the seeds so as to get the mustard oil. When cooking food, we can use a condiment in it known as the mustard seed.

Monounsaturated fatty acids or MUFAs are basically the constituents of mustard oil. If you will take mustard oil in an amount of 100 g then then it will have the constituents like:

  • Monounsaturated fatty acids in an amount of 59 g
  • Polyunsaturated fatty acids in an amount of 21 g
  • Saturated fatty acids in an amount of 11 g

A component of mustard oil is beneficial to health and tastes strong also. The name of that component is allyl isothiocyanate or AITC. Horseradish and wasabi also contain this compound.

Its side effects and dangers

Erucic acid is present in a great amount in mustard oil. It has been found that myocardial lipidosis is a condition of the heart that occurs because of consuming erucic acid for a long time and it can be fatal to anybody. So, always eat mustard oil in a limited amount only.

How to keep your teeth healthy with salt?

Salt has disinfectant properties present in it naturally. So, if someone undergoes oral surgery or has swollen gums then he is advised to rinse his mouth with sodium chloride water.

How to use salt and mustard oil for your teeth?

For removing stains and brightening the teeth you can use a mild abrasive known as salt. In order to take out the plaque from the teeth and clean the gums you can use a home remedy which is a mixture of mustard oil and salt.

Usually, a fatty membrane surrounds the bacteria and the bacteria are responsible for the plaque formation. The bacteria that are fat soluble can get loosened if you will take mustard oil in your mouth and swish well.

The inflammation of the gums as well as the bleeding of the gums can be controlled if you will use a mixture of salt and mustard oil and rub it on your gums and teeth for about 2 minutes. After this take some warm water in your mouth and rinse well.

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