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Holiday fatigue- What is it and how to overcome the holiday fatigue

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holiday fatigue

It’s the time for fun, vacation, and entertainment with your loved ones. New Year is approaching and everyone must have prepared themselves for a couple of activities, either at home or outside. No matter, the type of fun activities, or the place you are visiting, when back to work, you will feel less energized and exhausted.

Obviously! You will, during holidays or vacations we have lot more to do than in the case of normal office or routine days. From packaging in case of outside visit to decorating or arranging items in indoor functions, everyone is set to feel exhausted.

Some ideas to overcome travel or vacation fatigue

  • Take a nap: Simple yet most effective. A well taken nap solves it all. Consider taking a nap if you’re on a short-term trip and need a remedy right now. If you’ve been moving too quickly to get your required seven to eight hours of sleep every night, make an early night of it for several nights in a row, no matter how lengthy your journey is. Sleep is essential for good health, and travel (along with unusual mattresses, jet lag, and long days) can aggravate whatever sleep problems you may have.
  • Organize your desk: When you return to the office after a tour or vacation, nothing can make you feel more overwhelmed than staring at a mountain of papers. While it’s important to organize your desk before going on vacation, set out a few hours in the New Year to clear it out before settling in and res-starting your work. Starting with a blank slate can assist your thoughts concentrate on the duties you’ve set for yourself.
  • Maintain your routine, wherever you go whatever you do

Vacation can be exhausting as well as can put you in stress if you don not adjust yourself. However, adjusting with the schedule doesn’t mean taking rest from all your daily habits and routine. Don’t skip your healthy meals and exercise even though you are out for vacation.

It’s great to splurge on local cuisine on occasion, but you’ll need all of the micronutrients that vegetables give throughout the week. Consider going to a local market and preparing dinner for you a couple of nights a week. Alternatively, look for vegetarian restaurants in meat-based countries (even if you aren’t vegetarian) to ensure you can enjoy a great and healthy meal on a regular basis.

How your holidays can add to your trouble?

  • Overdrinking

You might be surprised to learn that drinking alcohol might affect your sleep for a long time after you’ve consumed it. However, if you let your hair down and have a binge (five or more standard drinks in one night is considered a binge), you may discover that your sleep is disrupted for up to a week after the alcohol has passed through your system. This may cause you to be wearier during the day as a result of the sleepless nights caused by your excessive drinking.

  • Troubled Tummy

Not everyone can adjust with the food during vacations or festivals. Troubled tummy is among the most common causes of travel or vacation fatigue. We tend to eat a little more — or, let’s face it, a lot more — than usual over the Christmas season. We also eat a greater variety of foods, some of which may be offensive to us.

Discomfort in your digestive system might keep you awake at night, especially if you eat spicy foods like chilli. This is why, if you’re sleep deprived throughout the day and need a boost, complex carbohydrates — like grainy bread — and protein, like lean meat or cheese, are preferable to a sweet donut or chocolate bar.


Travelling or vacation can be overwhelming and stressful, however it can be avoided to let yourself enjoy the vacation at the top of your lungs. Vacation should only be fun, fun, and fun it is possible only when you plan and organize yourself well before you plan your vacation.

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