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Hybrid Events: Why Event Planners Go Hybrid Events

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Hybrid Events


After the covid-19 pandemic, the virtual meet-up has become the only option to host a meeting or event. The age of social distancing starts from 2020, and we are unable to organize a physical meet-up for our safety. The term “Hybrid Events” has become famous nowadays. But what is the actual meaning of hybrid events? Do you know that?

In this article, we will talk about hybrid events and their different types, objectives of the hybrid events, and why even planners presently prefer to host hybrid events over physical events.

To get a clear idea of hybrid events, read this article thoroughly.  

What is hybrid event?

A hybrid event refers to a virtual tradeshow, seminar, conference, exhibition, meeting, or workshop. It is called hybrid because it is hosted with a “live” in-person and “virtual” online component.

Virtual events have become more popular due to their cost-effectiveness. Now hybrid events are the well-acceptable approach to increase audience participation in marketing events at relatively affordable costs. As it is an entirely online event, the audience can enjoy the program from their comfort zone. There is no demographic barrier. A hybrid event is suitable for people who are unable to attend the program physically. An online hosted program eliminates the time, location, and cost boundaries and makes the event as effective as possible.

What do you need to know about hybrid events?

A hybrid event is just not a virtual meet-up; it carries its significance. Commonly a hybrid event involves different components to make it successful. These components make the live representation meaningful. The here online audience may get access to the following elements.

  • Online presentation such as webcasts to share valuable content through SlideShare
  • Live video and audio streaming of programs, workshops, webinars with their presentation material through Upstream, Sonic Foundry, Livestream, and Eventials.
  • Provision of live commentary, transcription of proceedings through CovertLive, Wthashtag.
  • Online forum for chat and discussion through moreconference, Pathable
  • Event video and photograph via YouTube, QiK, Vimeo, Flickr
  • Integration of social media tools, including Facebook, LinkedIn. And twitter with hybrid program 

To attend a virtual event, you need a quality broadband connection. A hybrid event can hold a wider audience than a physical event because there is no location limitation. The online virtual event can be attended from any location around the world; you just have to mention the time region of your location.

A virtual event is usually recorded and made available online to encourage further discussion after the program.

Different types of hybrid events

There are mainly two types of hybrid events. 

  1. Internal hybrid event
  2. External hybrid event

Internal hybrid event

Internal hybrid events are the programs that are hosted for the benefit of internal stakeholders of the company, including the leader, company staff, employees.

For some industrial jargon, it is hardly possible to gather all members in the conference hall for a meeting. It is the situation where hybrid events play a crucial role. The event management team hosts an internal virtual event by picking up an ideal place, maybe from the company’s conference hall or seminar room, and live stream the company’s conference. It is cost-effective and convenient for internal stakeholders to attend the meeting, virtually avoiding gathering.

Some examples of internal hybrid events are large team meetings, Company spirit weeks, and Sales kick-offs. 

External hybrid events

External hybrid events refer to the hosted events for the customers, target audience, clients, and business partners. Converting your external event to a hybrid setup engages more attendees at a time by eliminating the location barrier. 

Some popular corporate external events are trade shows and conferences, Company seminars, exhibitions, product launching and demonstration, and customer conferences. These events can be hosted as a hybrid event, as this transition makes your event more successful than external physical events.

Core objectives of hybrid events

Every event is organized with its personal and professional objectives. An event becomes successful when a more significant number of attendees participate in this event. A hybrid event offers the flexibility to engage virtually. A hybrid event comes with the opportunity to attend the program virtually from their comfort zone. It is perfect for individuals who have not physically participated in the event due to health issues or travel constraints. Therefore, the event becomes more successful with significant number f attendees. 

The critical elements of hybrid events  are engaging content, exceptional marketing strategy, headache-free online registration process, proficient appointment scheduling. These elements can create wonders if you maintain them professionally. A hybrid event is considered an effective marketing strategy, and it can be hosted with a low-cost budget. In this age of corona virus pandemic social distancing is mandatory.  However, hybrid virtual event has become the only practical approach to engage your attendees in your event, and create a remarkable footprint.  

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