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Impacted Wisdom Teeth – Symptoms & Causes

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Impacted Wisdom Teeth

At your mouth’s back, a molars’ third set are known as wisdom teeth. In the early adulthood or in the late teenage these teeth emerge. Now what do you understand by an impacted tooth? An impacted tooth is a tooth that cannot emerge out of the gums because of sticking inside the gums. Several dental problems like tooth decay and various diseases can occur in a wisdom tooth that is impacted. Now I am going to tell you the symptoms and causes of impacted wisdom teeth.


There is no surety that symptoms will always be shown by a wisdom tooth that is impacted. There are various symptoms and signs of dental problems as well as problems in the other teeth because of the infection in the wisdom tooth that is impacted. These are:

  • You cannot open your mouth easily.
  • Your mouth will have a taste that is unpleasant.
  • Foul smell starts coming out of the mouth.
  • In the area that surrounds the jaw, swelling occurs.
  • Pain in the jaw.
  • Gums bleed or become tender.
  • Gums are swollen or become red.

What are the symptoms for a visit to a dentist?

The wisdom tooth that is impacted is associated with the last molar. If on the back side of that molar teeth you feel any symptoms then you need to visit a dentist.


If there is not enough room for the eruption of the wisdom tooth then we can say that it has been impacted. When you are 17 years old then this is the starting time for the emergence of the wisdom teeth. Sometimes on the back side of the second molars the third molars emerge and line up there without any difficulty. These third molars are the wisdom teeth. But there is a possibility of trapping the third molars because of crowding in the mouth. This state is known as an impacted state. A tooth will be called as fully impacted if it does not come out of the gums. On the other hand, it will be called as partially impacted if it emerges partially from the gums. When the tooth is fully impacted or partially impacted then there are following possibilities:

  • In the jawbone the tooth remains trapped and in this condition its growth can occur in the down side or straight up.
  • With the other teeth the growth of the tooth can take place at an angle of 90 degrees.
  • With the mouth’s back part, the growth of the tooth can take place at some angle with it.
  • With the second molar the growth of the tooth takes place at some angle with it.

Various complications

In your mouth various problems can occur because of the wisdom tooth that has been impacted:

  • Disease of gums – Pericoronitis is a condition in which inflammation and pain occurs in gums. This occurs when you cannot easily clean the wisdom tooth that is partially impacted or fully impacted.
  •  Tooth decay – As compared to the other teeth, the chances of tooth decay are more in those wisdom teeth that are partially impacted. When a tooth erupts partially then an opening occurs in the gums and in this opening bacteria can grow. Cleaning these teeth is very difficult.
  • Cysts – In the jawbone there is a sac in which the eruption of the wisdom tooth occurs. A cyst can get formed if the fluid is filled inside the sac. It can develop into a tumor. The bone and tissue need to be removed to treat this complication.
  • Other teeth can also get damaged – The second molar can get damaged because of the push of the wisdom tooth. Sometimes an orthodontic treatment is needed to treat this condition.

If I suffer from an impacted tooth then I will visit the Dental clinic near me. I will go there for checkups and cleaning for 6 months regularly. Prior to the development of symptoms of impacted wisdom teeth the dentist will take an X-ray of my teeth and start the treatment.  

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