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Is IVF Covered by Insurance in India? Check Out The List of Ivf Insurance Providers

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Is IVF Covered by Insurance? This question is the first and utmost question that comes to every middle-class man. No matter how affordable the hospital you get for your or your Spouse’s IVF or Infertility Treatment. These treatments are going to be expensive. This condition will have a massive toll on your pocket and savings. Only one thing comes to Mind what if IVF or Infertility related treatments are covered in insurance. So let’s find out the IVF insurance and Companies that provide this insurance. Misconceptions about some government schemes popular among the Indian public and their usefulness in IVF and Infertility treatment. 

But start with estimating the cost of Treatments you need to pay for IVF and Infertility treatments. These procedures will give you the exact picture of how much money you require for treatment and how much money you need to secure in your IVF Insurance, and it will also clear your doubt about Is IVF Covered by Insurance.

Ivf Cost and Cost of Related Procedure

Sure IVF is solely one of the leading treatment options for childless couples. But IVF is not a starting point for these treatments. Many initial stage tests and screening is done before the start of IVF. In addition, some different procedures are performed after IVF is done for some special cases. So get down to these tests and procedures before checking their rates and is IVF covered by insurance.

Tests you may have to Take

  1. For Female Ovulation Checkup 
  2. Fro male Semen analysis
  3. Various blood tests for women to check blood-related disorders and hormonal disorders.
  4. Genetic screening for both male and female
  5. Ultrasound test to determine the shape and health of your uterus

Procedures you may have to go through in IVF

  1. ICSI(Intracellular sperm injection)
  2.  Egg Hatching Assistance
  3. FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer)
  4. GIFT(Gamete Intrafallopian Transfer)

These procedures and Tests can cost you up to 2 lakh rupees to 4.5 lakh rupees in India even if you search for affordable prices in different cities like IVF Cost in Jaipur. It will cost 1 lakh to 1.2 lakh per cycle in Mishka IVF, the most affordable IVF center in Jaipur.

IVF Insurance and Treatment 

After knowing the average cost, many will look for financing options for the treatment. Generally, health insurance does not cover IVF treatment. Only a small number of options are available in the insurance sector that covers IVF treatments. But they also look for some specific conditions before providing you with IVF insurance. Some other conditions you should look at before buying this insurance that covers IVF. That way, you can reduce the IVF cost with insurance. These Conditions you look for are.

  1. Checking the eligibility of the ivf health insurance is always a good idea. For eligibility for insurance, insurance companies will consider your age, profession and medical background.
  2. Before taking the insurance, considering the amount which will be covered  IVF is extremely important.
  3. Now comes the time you have to wait for claiming this money for IVF treatment is also necessary. Usually, it lasts for two years but varies from company to company.
  4. Lastly, Must Check the premium money you will pay and exclusion of treatments and procedures from insurance.

These factors may help you clear some of the confusion about, is IVF covered by insurance?

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List of Insurance that Covers IVF Treatments

The above conditions may fulfill some of the curiosity about your question of Is IVF Covered by Insurance?

So let’s get down to the list of insurance providers that provide IVF Insurance.

New India Mediclaim

 A great venture started by any of the government-owned Insurance companies. Introduced in 2017 can provide you up to 10 lakh rupees for general medical conditional treatments. Usually, these conditions are not included in medical insurance. This plan starts from insured money of 15 lakh rupees and can secure up to one crore. However, it does not mention infertility coverage but does not mention IVF and other treatments. So be sure and ask about all the details before taking this insurance. Wait time for New India Mediclaim is three years from the date of starting.

ONE Health Policy

A great initiative from MAGMA HDI Insurance is One Health Policy that mentions IVF and other infertility-related expenses are covered in this insurance. And can provide you benefits of 2 lakh rupees in your treatment. However, you have to wait for three years to get the benefits of this IVF Insurance. So if you are looking for Is IVF Covered by Insurance, then Magma HDI  ONE Health policy is one of the best answers for you.

Star Health Insurance for Maternity

Star health insurance is another one of the insurance plans that can give you the Accurate answer of Is Ivf Covered by Insurance. It’s mentioned in the Star health insurance plan that they cover IVF and other infertility treatments. But coverage and waiting time depend upon your chosen plan. So be cautious before taking this IVF insurance.

Ayushman Yojna and Bhartiya Mahila Bank 

 As you think about it, Is IVF covered by insurance? Another question must have entered your Mind: What about the government’s prestigious Ayushman yojana? Let me present to you that IVF, Infertility treatment, or any Cosmetics treatments are not Covered by Ayushman yojana. Another insurance plan is famous in India managed by Bhartiya Mahila bank, where they provide insurance to their bank account holder for Infertility and IVF treatments. But Due to its merger with SBI Status of this IVF Insurance is unknown. So if you are a Bhartiya Mahila bank account holder, please ask your branch about this insurance.

Bottom Line for Is IVF Covered by Insurance.

 Many Insurance companies are now Introduce plans that cover IVF but looking for questions like Is IVF Covered by Insurance?  It Is still wise. That way, You’ll be updated on the latest policies. How much do they cover, and what time do you have to wait to benefit from your insured money? But please check every aspect of IVF insurance before purchasing them to save yourself from future financial problems during your IVF treatment. This insurance will help you get the best IVF and Infertility treatment without tension.

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