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Kumara Parvatha Trek Things To do

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It is also known as Pushpagiri. It is the fourth highest peak of Karnataka and is located in between the jungle. The trekking is tough here. It can be reached by western ghat via Giri Gadde. Two temples are on the top of the hill. One is of Lord Shiva and the other is of Lord Subramanya. 

The hill top temple has a specific impact of being there. There is a strong belief that Lord Subhramanya set foot on the top of the hill. The sarp dosh is eliminated if someone with that situation visits the temple. 

Trekkers can do overnight camping in Batra Mane. 

The climate here is really cool and wet. The view from the hill is beautiful but in winter days fog covers all the visibility of beautiful scenery. 


The trekking route from Giri Gadde to Subramanya is tough. The long trail passes through woods and steep roads with rocky paths. The forest consists of many trees and  wildlife can be explored during the journey.

 Though the journey is rough and tough still it gives a relaxation when one reaches the top. The view through the woods gives a feel of isolation,and peace of mind. The trekk is 22 km long. The adventure takes us to densely populated tropical, specific and strange trees , rock climbing over enormous volcanic rocks. 

The best time to travel here is the winter season. One can experience lush greenery and flowers bloom in the winter season throughout the mountain. 

It can be reached by any means of transport and while trekking one can find it easy by following the sign boards

It is very necessary to take permission from the Forest Department for overnight camping in Batra Mane. An overnight enjoyment between greeneries and under the marvel starry skies. 

There are plenty of options for staying overnight and the full package can be covered with low cost. 

It makes you all away from luxury as the path crosses with remote areas and forestlands. 

Sunrise and Sunset

The route is quite challenging. But reaching the top gives a sense of clear satisfaction. The view gives relaxation to the mind and body. If started early one can reach the top till evening before sunset and can enjoy the mesmerizing scene of sun setting. 

The beautiful scenery of orange warmth of the sun, clouds breaking away are visible as the sun rises slowly. 

It gives an opportunity to fall in love with nature and we can pack and take back astounding memories. 

And continuing the trek will lead to another hill for the view if sunrise. The strong combination of fog and chirping of birds and clear sky makes the sunrise beautiful. It seems like the sun is like a girl wearing a red dupatta in her head. 


The first thing which comes to our mind when we are outing is photography. We can not only capture the beauty of flora and fauna but also the landscapes and the holy shrines. 

One can take pictures on the hill top. 

Permission is needed from the Forest Department for taking pictures of wildlife. 

Sheesh Parvatha

Sheesh Parvatha meets on the trail to Kumara Parvatha. It is a nature preserve in Kumarahilli. The beauty of nature is breathtaking. This place serves as a soothing part of the trek. We can find a very small stream in which we can wash ourselves to feel relaxed. The water is cool and sweet which can be used to quench your thirst. 

It feels like having all the heavenly pleasure. 

Biladwara Caves

It has a mythological value that Vasuki, the God of snakes hid himself from Garuda in this place.This is a naturally created cave has entrance of 10 metres and exit of 30 meters. 

It has become one of the pilgrimage sites. The place is most visited in Nag Panchmi. 

The best time for visiting here is winter as it is very hot in summer. 

The cave is located between the picturesque  greenery which serves as a relaxing zone with morning fresh air and rejuvenating  one’s spiritual self. 

Kukke Subramanya Temple

It is the most famous pilgrimage site in South India and attracts many Hindu devotees throughout the year. This temple is dedicated to Lord Karthikyen who is also considered as God Of Snakes. The temple is surrounded by verdant hills and Kumaradhara river flows beside it. 

It seems like heaven for solitude seekers and spiritualists. The place is very clean as the forest area surrounding the temple is untouched. 

Pandits perform various rituals in the temple.It also serves free food to the visitors at a certain time. 

So, it is best  to plan Kumara Parvatha trekking in winter to enjoy the offbeat places and the breathtaking beauty of Kumara Parvatha. 

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