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Scrap Cars and Car Junk Yards: There’s Money In-Vehicle Recycling

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Are you tired of spending money on your car and want to sell it at a fair price? 

The recycling companies offer a profitable price for scrap cars. 

Vehicle recycling is beneficial in many ways. Apart from providing a decent cost in return, it also helps in reusing the auto parts. This way, the junk car is not wasted and used more productively. Irrespective of how damaged the car is, it is still useful. 

How Vehicle Recycling Is Profitable For The Industry:

When a car arrives at a junkyard, it goes through a thorough checkup to evaluate its auto parts. If the auto parts are usable, then they are refined and sent to the market for sale. In this way, scrap cars are an effective way of profiting the industry. 

One of the top materials from junk cars is steel. The reuse of metal products is the most rewarding experience. The battery and the parts from the car’s engine are refurbished and reprocessed for later use. Hence, all these parts are a great source of revenue that benefits the recycling companies. 

Valuable Parts Of The Scrap Cars:

A vehicle contains numerous essential parts that can cost a fair amount. During the process of recycling, you will get to know the value of these parts.  Despite how old your car is, it can still be of great use. Both the interior and exterior of scrap cars hold equal significance.  

Some of the valuable parts that have a resale market are.

Under The Hood:

  • Engine: It is the most fundamental part of the car and costs up to $200-$500 depending on the condition. 
  • Radiator: It includes copper that is recycled efficiently. Therefore, the potential cost of a good-conditioned radiator lies between  $60-$150. 
  • Plastic Reservoirs:  The reservoirs have plastic, which is the most common product for recycling. Thus, it might give a profit of $60-$150.
  • Batteries: It comprises lead, zinc, and plastic. All of these materials are reprocessed and provide around $5-$10. 
  1. Under The Body:
  • Exhaust Systems: They include tubes and chambers that are built from steel material. Hence, their resale value is around $10-$50. 
  • Tires and Rims: Tires consist of rubber, plastic, and metal. Altogether it costs $20-$75 for each. 
  • Tie Rods:  They are made of steel and fetch around $30-$200. 
  • The Body:
  • Glass: The windshield and windows of an inoperative car add the value of $25-$200 depending on the model and brand. 
  • Side Mirrors: The proper-conditioned side mirrors have the potential value of $10-$150.
  • Doors: They are reusable with an approximate resale price of $15 each. 
  • Wiper arms and Motors: Both wipers cost up to $20-$120.
  • Signal Lights: If the bulbs in the signal lights are functional, then $20-$100 per lamp are provided. 
  1. Sitting Area
  • Electronic Gadgets: Radio, Tape recorder, Music system, and cigarette lighter also have a resale price.
  • Steering Wheels: The steering wheel adds the value of $75-$300. 
  • License Plate: Old license plates have a potential cost of $15-$30. 
  • Seats: If the fabric of the seat cover is intact, then it can be recycled for $20-$40. 

Best Company For Selling Your Scrap Car:

It is vital to select a reliable company to sell your car, Acres Cash For Cars is a reputable and well-known company for buying scrap cars. This company ensures to recycle the junk car effectively by making the best use of its auto parts. Moreover, their quick service of picking up the car also develops a trustworthy relationship with the sellers. 

Their services include providing cash for cars, scrap metal, used auto parts, and towing services. The foremost benefit of getting services from this company is that they reach out to pick up the junk car the same day of contact. They are popular for the fast and simple process of scrapping the car. This company has been operational for 30 years and has managed to satisfy all the customers with their efficient services. 

The business of recycling has been growing exponentially. Similarly, the auto parts of junk cars are utilized and sold for further use. It is a great way to gain profit from your old car. Whether the car is completely damaged, the recycling companies still make the best use of it. 

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