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What are the different types of the cast? How are each of them different?

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Types of the cast for injured bone

What are the different types of the cast?

The cast is basically like additional support when the bone is injured and to make it secure in one place so that healing is done properly. When you visit the Orthopaedic Hospital in Ludhiana the doctor is going to tell you which cast you need to get depending on your condition. Like after undergoing Spine Surgery in Ludhiana, it is possible that you need to use the cast.

What are cast and splints used for?

They are used for the following purposes:

  • Treating broken bone
  • Treating injured bones & tendons
  • After surgery which involves tendons, bones, or joints.

The main aim of the casts is to restrict the movement of the particular body part and this way the recovery will be much faster than you can think of. In addition, there are different types of casts, and depending on your condition, the doctor will tell you which one you need to get.

Plaster casts

Plaster casts were in use till 1975. The plaster was a mixture of white powder along with water and this made a thick paste. Although, now it is not in use as they need more care than other types of cast and in case they get wet then it needs to be replaced. Moreover, they are heavier and these are not the best choice for small children.

Synthetic casts

Let’s focus on which option is modern and used in the current time. This type of cast is made from fiberglass and moldable plastic. Their method of applying is the same as that of the plaster casts.

First of all, on the injured area the stockinette is placed and then soft cotton material is wrapped over it. After that fiberglass is soaked into water and out in different layers over the top. It will take a few hours to dry off completely.

Benefits of Synthetic cast?

Well! The synthetic cast is known for providing different benefits to both, who is applying it and to whom it is applied.

  • First of all, these are porous, which means these don’t have to be removed every time and a proper X-ray can be taken of the injured area.
  • The material is extremely breathable and comfortable to wear. It means that your skin will not get irritated when you choose this casting type.

Where are splints used?

Splints are also known as half casts but they do not cover the injured area completely. They are made from plastic, metal, fiberglass, and plaster.

Splints are the best choice as these are easy to adjust and help in stabilizing the desired area.

What are the factors to determine which type of cast or splint you need?

The injured part or broken part is going to help determine better which option will suit you the best. Some of the major factors which can make it easier to make the final choice are:

  • Injury or fracture type
  • Your age
  • Injury location
  • Swelling in the affected area
  • Does your condition need surgery?
  • What type of lifestyle or life are you living?

Regardless of everything, the doctor can tell you better what option will suit your condition the best.

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