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What are the top tips to prevent swelling after hair transplant surgery?

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Tips to reduce swelling after hair transplant

Following the hair transplant treatment, several things need to be managed. One of them is swelling which occurs due to the anesthesia given to the scalp to numb the area so that discomfort and pain are reduced. After you have undergone the hair transplant in Bangalore you must take proper care and take into account the following measures to deal with this situation.

What are the tips to prevent swelling after hair transplant surgery?

  • Cold compress

Cold compress is the best choice to reduce puffiness around the eyes. With these, the blood vessels are going to narrow down around the eyes. But, make sure that you do not use the cold compress in excess as it will affect the hair follicles growth. The blood flow may be reduced if you start applying pressure in excess. So, make sure that you apply a cold compress but carefully.

  • Do not follow a vigorous exercise regime

Exercise is important in the daily routine but make sure that you avoid a vigorous regime after the hair transplant. If you do so, there will be excessive sweating. So, you should wait for at least 3 to 4 days following the hair transplant. If you notice the swelling is increasing then do not exercise at any cost. Moreover, excess sweating can increase the risk of infection.

  • Elevate the head

Now, this is an important one and it helps with the swelling. Your head needs to be kept elevated even when you are asleep. You need to avoid bending over and looking down after the hair transplantation.

  • Try to sleep on the back

It is going to make a lot of difference when you sleep on the forehead and at the immediate stage of hair transplant. Make sure that you get proper back support while you are asleep. In addition, you need to keep the head at the right angle. It is better that you keep a few pillows under the neck and this way it will reduce the swelling.

  • Drink water in the right amount

Make sure that you drink enough water and keep yourself hydrated after the surgery. Drinking enough water will help to reduce the swelling. So, make sure that you drink at least 2 to 3 liters of water in one day.

Can I massage my scalp after the transplant?

Yes! But you need to be extremely gentle on the centre of the scalp. Make sure that you do not apply any motion which can pull the skin. In addition, you need to avoid touching the scalp again and again.

Final word

So, if you have undergone the hair transplant treatment then here are some of the tips which you need to consider. Keeping these in mind will help to make sure that swelling after the surgery goes away quickly. Also, you need to take all the necessary medication on time so that there are not any major complications. If you have any doubt, then consult the doctor right away.

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