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What happens with a blood test? And why do we have it done?

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What happens with a blood test? And why do we have it done: With a blood test. We can keep you healthy. But we need a blood test when we are unwell. Which we are always ready. To get a blood test. We know from the blood that we are engaged to check what has become unhealthy for us. Blood tests are able to check diseases. So that we can be healthy again.

We do blood tests because. When we feel sick and unhealthy due to which we do not like to eat and drink anything and we get unwell ourselves. Then doctors advise us to get a blood test so that we can get it done soon. As soon as possible after the blood test. Check the diseases and start their treatment and get healthy again.

Do we have pain in the blood test?

When we go to the doctors or to an expert to get our blood test done, then when he takes blood from inside your body to take a sample of the blood test, then at that time he will take a sample of your blood. Puts a needle inside a vein so that your blood sample can be taken, at that time you may have to face mild prick and scratches, but it is not so painful. But if you are weak and you are allergic to blood, then you may have to face pain.

Should we do a blood test on the advice of a doctor?

It is not necessary that we should get blood tests done only when the doctors ask us for the blood test. Many times when we start feeling very sick and unwell then whenever. We have something like this. We will take the advice of the doctor. Surely when doctors give us medicines and even after that our disease does not improve. Then the doctors ask us to get blood tests. Because the doctors know that any disease or any part of the organs inside our body Is not working properly. We have got some disease. So doctors ask us to get a blood test done as soon as possible.

But in many cases. We see that after getting sick people do a blood test directly without the doctors advice. And we can do a blood test without a doctor’s advice. It is a common test in which we have no problem. it occurs.

When and at what time should we get the blood test done?

As we know that we do blood tests. When we start feeling very sick and unwell. So we need to do blood tests. But there is a time to do blood tests also. So doctors will give us whenever Also. If you recommend having a blood test then the doctors have the right time till 7 or 8 in the morning to get a blood test. Because the human body remains fresh in the morning and healthy. But if you are at night or in the afternoon. So the body of a human remains very irritable at that time during the day’s fatigue. Therefore we should do it in the morning and when we feel unwell.

Which type of blood tests are there and can be done?

There are different types of blood tests.

  • Full Blood Count (FBC)
  • Blood glucose (HB a1c)
  • Liver blood test.
  • Group and Save (or Group and Screen) tests.
  • Urea and Electrolytes (U&E)
  • Brain natriuretic peptide (BNP)
  • Troponin.
  • Cholesterol (lipid profile)
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