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Why Keep Cash and Change on your Udaipur Trip?

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Udaipur in Rajasthan is known as “Lake City”. It has many palaces, fortifications, museums, parks, and tourist spots. The city is located on the edge of Aravalli hills and each palace is worth a visit because of its amazing architecture and complicated workmanship. Enjoy the beautiful city on your Udaipur sightseeing tour package.

 It is historic capital. Visit this city to admire the beauty and architecture of the palace and museum. Lake Pichola and Lake Palace are the most popular places in the city. Beyond that, there are many things that must be known by tourists before visiting Udaipur. You can enjoy so many places to visit in Udaipur. To make sure you have a troublesome trip, here are some of the top Udaipur travel tips that you need to know before planning.

Always Keep Cash and Change

Most of the places you shop at or want to eat might not accept credit or debit cards. Keep cash handy. This is one of the best ways to experience the local life and culture. Avoid drinking tap water as it is not safe. Always ask for bottled water at the places you eat. There are many local markets to shop for sculptures, sarees, cushion covers that have Rajasthani needlework.

Savior the street food at Fatehnagar. There is a list of local foods you can relish such as Jalebies, Kachori, daal baati, Dabeli, Chaat, chai, and paan. You can eat the Rajasthani thali at restaurants that offer vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian food. Enjoy the Thandai which is a Rajasthani traditional drink at the eating joints.

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